VenueOps Suite

VenueOps Suite

Enjoy built-in features including CRM & sales, advanced scheduling, event management, and communications.

VenueOps Suite

About the Venue Ops Suite

Resonance provides best-in-class venue management software that takes away the busy-work of event and lead management. Gone are the days of colored notecards, sticky notes, excel spreadsheets, and keeping it all in your head. With Resonance, your VenueOps portal integrates with every aspect of the event management process. Onboarding a new lead? Managing maintenance requests or tracking employees in different locations? - the VenueOps suite gives you the bird's-eye-view you deserve!


Enjoy built-in features including CRM & sales, advanced scheduling, event management, communications, and data storage.

Event Manager

  • Add unique status pipelines for different kinds of  Events (Rental Lifecycle, Branded/Merchandise Events, Full Event Production, Team Meetings, etc.)
  • Sort and filter through a list of the events by employee, location, type, etc…
  • Detailed Custom Profiles of every event
  • Manage custom information in each profile
  • Provide public access about dimensions, amenities, and other details to clients, employees, and/or vendors
  • Link and provide custom access permissions for associated managers, vendors, clients, and agreements
  • Track maintenance requests, employee inquiries, location-specific leads

A Shared Calendar

Create shared calendars that can be seen and used by all members of an organization based on permissions granted by org administrators.

  • Public & Private Calendars: Build your schedule in private then make it public to org members.
  • Drag & Drop Schedule Builder: Create new events directly in a calendar view. Update event start/end time by dragging and dropping, rather than editing field.

Location & Media  Management

  • Create Events: Add details about a location, link it to events, and share details with associated event participants.
  • Event Specific Media: Display and store event specific media (PDFs, videos, images, etc…) viewable by event participants based on permissions granted by administrators.

Leads & Contacts Manager

  • Lead Onboarding Forms
  • Embed public forms to your front-facing website for prospective clients to fill out
  • Automatically generate lead profiles in Resonance with all effortlessly inputted into your company portal


  • Custom email Templates and/or text messages that can be automatically sent to relevant users
  • Draft and send emails directly from the Resonance portal
  • Automated communication triggers for updates to events by team members, vendors, and clients
  • Auto-send email and SMS notifications for event updates, uploaded files, and client requests
  • In-portal messaging and notifications