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Campaign Manager

Revolutionize the way you track and manage leads, organize campaigns, and interact with prospects.


Hiring Management

Revolutionize the way you track and manage job postings, applicants, interviews, auditions, and more.


Document Generation

Effortlessly create invoices in seconds, edit in real-time, and generate branded PDFs.


Property Manager

Enjoy built-in features including CRM & sales, advanced scheduling, event management, & communications



Create branded email templates, automate notifications, and chat with people across your organization.


Contract Manager

Building, sending, negotiating, and duplicating contracts has never been easier.


Project Manager

Manage projects, track tasks, automate operations, capture leads, and seamlessly collaborate.


Reporting & Analytics

Visualize your data, integrate with popular services, and generate documents with a few clicks.


Event Management

Take scheduling to the next level with custom conflict management and unique calendar views.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where all the answers to your questions are.

What is Resonance?

Resonance provides you a single pane of glass view to manage every aspect of your business or organization. With Resonance, your members can login to a shared portal to manage files, sign documents, make payments, send messages, and more!

Who is Resonance for?

Resonance was built from the ground up with all businesses in mind. Whether you're a small business, performance venue, school, event space, art gallery, rental studio, non-profit, or university, our suite of tools works together to solve your biggest pain points.

Can I generate reports and documents?

We pride ourselves on offering the best way to generate virtually any kind of data you need from your portal, without ever having to use word docs or PDFs. You can create branded documents and create exactly the kind of materials you need with a few clicks of a button.

How long does it take to setup?

The core functionality of Resonance is ready out of the box. However, most clients that work with us have unique needs and requirements. Setting up your portal will depend on the amount of customization you require.

How much does it cost?

The simplicity of our pricing structure is that you pay for what you use. We offer per-user pricing along with a monthly fee.

Can I integrate with other services?

Yes! In most cases, Resonance can integrate directly with many popular applications to help you centralize your data. For those services that don’t have built-in integration, we'll work to see if there are other ways to easily integrate your data into our ecosystem.

Is my data secure?

Resonance's advanced technical architecture is fully GDPR compliant and SOC II Type 2 certified. Your sensitive data is always protected when hosted on our platform.

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This is where all the answers to your questions are.

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