Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Visualize your data across your organization, integrate with popular external services, and generate reports & documents with the click of a button.

Reporting & Analytics

About Report Generation

Resonance tracks, records, and cross-­references everything you do, turning your day-­to-­day business activities into an organized, filterable portal of valuable information — a best in class resource for your organization. Keep tabs on inventory, people, customer lists, donor amounts, payments, and anything else that you need to track for streamlined operations. Securely store your content and generate a variety of branded custom reports across data types and locations. If you need a quick and easy way to consume, filter, and share your data, our reporting and analytics system has you covered!


Take Control of Your Data

Unify your data entry and output in one place.

  • Easy Import: Easily upload your existing data and integrate it seamlessly into the Resonance platform. You can upload any kind of media to our database — images, MS Word or Excel files, videos, PDFs and more.
  • Document Generation: Create and export all of your relevant data into any kind of document which includes invoices, consignment and loan forms, receipts, returns, catalogs, and lists with a few clicks. Generate accounting reports to monitor sales, payables, profits, and sales tax.
  • Real-time Visual Reports: View and generate a variety of custom reports and visualize every aspect of your business with pie charts, bar graphs, and Kanbans to display your customer, client, artwork, member, and donor information.
  • ‍Custom Access: Gate important media, files, documents, and other information with custom access & permissions to all of your members.
  • Form Builder: Create custom forms that seamlessly integrate into your database in real time.
  • API Integrations: Connect your Resonance portal with some of your favorite external services that house your important data. Update information in your portal and have it automatically populate on other platforms.

Safe & Secure

  • GDPR Compliant: Our future-proof architecture is fully GDPR compliant. Rest assured that your data is held and protected to the highest industry standards.
  • SOC Type-II Certified: Never worry about data breaches or loss of content. We’ve passed the most stringent data security tests in the industry.