Create branded email templates, automate notifications, set triggers, and chat with people across your organization.


About Communications

Our communications center gives you and your org members an easy way to stay connected and informed at all times. Integrate your portal data and share locations, media, and events directly in chat. Or simply send a quick update. With our streamlined messaging system you can stay on top of all the happenings in your organization.


Groups and Messaging Center 

Resonance makes tracking messages, emails, and interactions a holistic experience.

  • Messenger: Directly chat and send messages within the company portal. Get notified of member mentions and gate messages based on group affiliations.
  • Group Members: Tag people with unique parameters like position, admin levels, and project affiliations. 
  • Group Communications: Batch-send emails, notifications, assign multiple people to events, and share relevant files in a streamlined way.

Email & Automated Notifications

  • Email Templates: Create branded email templates and seamlessly integrate them into the Resonance portal.
  • Email Client Integration: Draft and send emails to members directly from the Resonance portal with your existing email client (Outlook, Gmail, etc...).
  • Custom Triggers: Set automatic triggers for any action you take on Resonance.
  • Automated Notifications: Auto-send email and SMS notifications for event updates, uploaded files, member requests, and portal messages.