Hiring Management

Hiring Management

Revolutionize the way you track and manage job postings, applicants, interviews, auditions, and interact with prospects in a shared portal.

Hiring Management

About Hiring Management

Revolutionize the way you post jobs, create applications, view submissions, and interface with potential hires in a shared portal. The Resonance Hiring Manager gives you comprehensive tools to facilitate all aspects of the consideration process in a succinct way.


Upgrade your entire hiring workflow with these powerful features purpose-built for creative organizations.

Listings & Applications

  • Post Job Listings: Create and manage job listings directly from the Resonance portal. Assign specific tags, requirements, fees, and information and see it populate in real time on the Resonance Opportunity Hub.
  • Application Manager: Create custom application forms that pull standard information (pictures, CVs, contact info, etc...) directly from a Resonance user profile. Only ask for information in application forms that is specific to your needs as an employer.
  • User Targeting: Target specific user types using custom parameters to push relevant opportunities to the Resonance user base.

Applicant Management

  • A Curated Candidate List that collates the submitted materials of interested candidates formatted for easy consideration.
  • Filter & sort candidate content such as video, audio, CVs, relevant documents, and more.
  • Search for candidates by type, application date, or other custom parameters set up by the organization.
  • Message and notify candidates of application status automatically with automated communication notifications.

Audition Management

  • Schedule Auditions & Interviews: Offer date & time slots to be chosen by candidates.
  • Multi-Location Management: Schedule and track interviews and auditions across multiple locations.
  • Guest Hiring Panel: Create a shared view for guest adjudicators to consider potential candidates with public access links.
  • Event Notifications: Automated notifications for updated application status, new comments, and notes on considered candidates.

Offer Management

  • Status Tracking: Assign a status to a candidate that is publicly or privately viewable to portal admins, adjudicators, and associated candidates.
  • Candidate Ranking: Easily rank candidates on custom parameters set by the organization (e.g. stars, number scale, designations, or titles).
  • Saved Notes and History: Rank applicants and aggregate scores, comments, notes and other internal parameters. 
  • Public Feedback: Offer public feedback to job candidates directly in the shared Resonance application portal.
  • Comment Marketplace: Share your notes and comment history across organizations with other colleagues on the Resonance platform to help inform your consideration process.