Event Management

Event Management

Take scheduling to the next level with custom conflict management, unique paramaters, unlimited locations, and multiple calendar views.

Event Management

About Event Management

Our Event Management system completely transforms the way you interact with people, locations, and events throughout your entire organization. Manage multiple locations, call times, event types, union requirements, and more.  Need to reschedule an event or change its location? Automatically notify all associated members with the single press of a button. Our comprehensive scheduling system provides extensive calendar solutions to organizations with complex needs and requirements.


Organize and sort through events in a list, Kanban board, or timeline in a comprehensive way. Our flexible calendar system makes it easy to schedule events, locations, and people such as employees, contractors, vendors, guests and others.

A Shared Calendar

Create shared calendars that can be seen and used by all members of an organization based on permissions granted by org administrators.

  • Public & Private Calendars: Build your schedule in private then make it public to org members.
  • Drag & Drop Schedule Builder: Create new events directly in a calendar view. Update event start/end time by dragging and dropping, rather than editing field.
  • Multiple Calendar Views: Create a variety of calendar views to fit the way you think and handle people, locations, and events. Format your calendars in different ways including as a timeline, a monthly/weekly/daily view, a list, by location, and more.
  • Calendar Sharing: Export your calendar in a variety of ways including public & private pages, printable pdfs, and user-specific views.

Location & Media  Management

  • Create Events: Add details about a location, link it to events, and share with associated event participants.
  • Location Specific Media: Display and store content (PDFs, videos, images, etc…) about specific locations viewable by event participants based on permissions granted by administrators.

Project Management

  • Create Projects: Manage and track the status of multiple projects. Assign project admins, and link relevant information to associated users.
  • Create Events: Create event templates, tag events to projects, schedule specific times & dates, and share media, resources, and documents with associated event participants.
  • Event Notification Reminders: Automate Email and SMS messages with custom triggers set up by org administrators for upcoming events, reschedules, and file submissions.
  • Event-Specific Content: Display and store project-specific media (PDFs, videos, images, etc…) viewable by workspace members.
  • Location Management: Add detailed event-specific location information linked to multiple projects, calendars, and people.