Contract Manager

Contract Manager

Building, sending, negotiating, and duplicating contracts has never been easier. Experience a new way to send and manage the agreement process.

Contract Manager

About Contract Building

Create, send, and negotiate contracts directly pulled from platform data. Generate branded PDFs that can be e-signed and tracked in real time.


Integrated Contract Creation

Resonance provides a first-of-its-kind approach to creating and managing contracts.

  • Draft Contracts: Start a contract by pulling pre-existing data from your Resonance portal. Determine the structure and type of contract you’re offering to prospective employees and contractors.
  • Save Templates: Create and duplicate contract templates based on terms and parameters unique to your organization. Do away with MS Word and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Custom Terms Generator: Create custom contract terms that can be easily added to any contract in your organization. Rearrange and modify terms per contract or as an overall template.
  • Offer Riders & Amenities: Create custom riders, amenities, and perks that can be added to any contract or contract template. Choose from a pre-existing list of Resonance rider templates or create your own including amount, duration, type, etc...
  • Auto-Generate PDFs: Export all of your contracts into custom PDFs in seconds for printing and storing. Save previous contract versions in one place.
  • E-Signing: Send, receive, and sign contracts through the Resonance portal for real-time tracking throughout its lifecycle.

Scheduling, Negotiations, & Payments Made Easy

  • Attach pre-existing events from the Event Scheduler to contract templates without the fuss of copy and pasting the same information multiple times.
  • Negotiate terms in real time with contractors and employees. Save a history of negotiations with a unique contract view for each person in the organization.
  • Automate payment dates & amounts by creating and assigning specific milestones to individual contracts or templates, eliminating the need for manual accounting and paper trails.