Project Manager

Project Manager

Manage projects, track tasks, automate operations, capture leads, and seamlessly collaborate with your team across your entire business.

Project Manager

About the Project Manager

Resonance makes it easy to organize and grow internal and external relationships with a suite of features that gives you insight into who and how people interact in your organization — all in one place.


Upgrade and automate your business workflows with our flexible system that makes it easy to manage everyone from employees, contractors, vendors, guests and more.

Seamless Collaboration

Your organization's members can be assigned tailored User Roles within a shared workspace.

  • Guests: People outside your organization who need to view or work on specific items.
  • Members: People in your organization who actively participate day-to-day on the Resonance platform.
  • Admins: People who are responsible for managing the Resonance workspace including assigning permissions, scheduling, contracting, billing, project creation, and locations management.
  • Custom Roles: Additional user types with specific permissions and access can be created based on the unique needs of your organization.
  • Permissions: Grant custom permissions to every User Role, including unique calendar views, tabs, files, access to other org members, and ownership over specific projects.
  • Gate Content: Hide or display tabs, page elements, user-specific data, etc, with permissions based on custom parameters.

Leads & Contacts Manager

  • Lead Onboarding Forms
  • Embed public forms to your front-facing website for prospects to fill out
  • Filled-out forms automatically generate a lead profile in Resonance with all information automatically inputted via the form
  • Fields will reflect the form on the website
  • Curated lead list that collates the submitted materials of interested prospects formatted for quick consideration
  • Filter & sort lead content such as video, audio, CVs, and other relevant documents
  • Filter leads by type, submission date, or other custom parameters
  • Message and notify leads of status automatically
  • Assign custom status to a lead that is publicly or privately viewable to teammates
  • List individuals linked to previous clients, employees, etc
  • Rank leads based on custom parameters
  • Share and Save notes and comment history with teammates
  • Customize profiles for lead types that include contact information, internal notes, custom tags, etc
  • Send contacts automatic follow-up emails based on status
  • Allow any contact to log in and view their information (protected with permissions and roles)
  • Proposal Generation- Generate a branded proposal and automatically send to prospective clients based on status

Team & Task Management

  • Employee/Client/Vendor Onboarding forms
  • Custom profiles for admins, employees, clients, and other vendors
  • Custom Employee/Vendor logins
  • Assign workspace members to specific projects, tasks, locations and groups.
  • Link Clients and Employees to custom workflows


  • Custom email Templates and/or text messages that can be automatically sent to relevant users
  • Draft and send emails directly from the Resonance portal
  • Automated communication triggers for updates to events by team members, vendors, and clients
  • Auto-send email and SMS notifications for event updates, uploaded files, and client requests
  • In-portal messaging and notifications