Resonance x High Line Nine Case Study

Resonance x High Line Nine Case Study


  • Saves 3-4 hours every week in day-to-day communication
  • Eliminates 3-4 week waiting period for billing/invoicing
  • Reduces internal bottlenecks and streamlines workflows
  • Centralizes company-wide processes for data collection, client communication, accounting, and more


“I never thought I’d find a platform that could customize our business’s unique needs to the square inch with such efficient and thorough execution. I thought my wishlist for our company’s dashboard was almost certainly impossible. I was surprised when Resonance said “yes” to everything I asked for and delighted when they executed it with such efficiency and thoroughness.”  -Sophie Madorsky, High Line Nine


High Line Nine is an arts gallery and performance venue in the heart of NYC that manages a long roster of clients (often intersecting) throughout the entire year. 

Since their inception, High Line Nine’s leadership team has relied exclusively on Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheets for nearly every administrative and organizational company task – invoicing, billing, client management, communication records, data management, you name it.

While these rudimentary efforts sufficed in early days, their lack of scalability was preventing High Line Nine from blossoming as much as their client list. As more willing customers lined up outside their proverbial door, these old-school methods were eating up precious company time and hampering their ability to onboard clients as quickly as they could . . . and should. It was clear High Line Nine was filling a gap in the NYC art gallery market, but a multitude of operational inefficiencies was slowing growth.

Disparate internal efforts led to a growing dissonance between how High Line Nine employees performed in theory, how they performed in practice, and internal documentation meant to unify and formalize these processes. Communication was a particular sore spot given the company lacked an internal customer relationship management (CRM) software or any centralized platform. 

This was especially problematic when clients had to send documentation externally; beyond a catch-all Dropbox folder and email inbox, they had no way to store or manage critical communication or documentation for any of their customers. Internally, it also created awkward silos since employees had no visibility into what anyone else was working on or where any given customer was in their respective deal cycle.

On top of those growing challenges, High Line Nine also lacked an in-house operations manager to ensure nothing fell through the cracks, and their small team was increasingly losing track of what they had and where.


As with any client, Resonance began their collaboration by gaining a comprehensive understanding of High Line Nine’s needs. From there they were able to create a shortlist of custom-made solutions that addressed some of High Line Nine’s biggest and most urgent challenges in the short term. 

Even in the earliest stages of their partnership, Resonance went above and beyond to ensure that they not only diagnosed issues and delivered fixes but also met weekly, sometimes daily, with team members at High Line Nine. This constant, open line of communication enabled High Line Nine to fully appreciate Resonance’s potential and how it could directly solve a litany of their operational headaches.

With regular cadence meetings and “anytime availability” for last-minute questions or concerns, the experts at Resonance thoughtfully trained and educated the High Line Nine team so they could seamlessly integrate these helpful new tools into their workflow. High Line Nine is a wholly unique client with equally unique needs, but regardless of the task, Resonance customized, implemented, trained, and delivered a centralized platform that completely changed how they conducted their business.

Resonance has been able to create anything the team has asked for, sometimes from scratch, which has helped to establish innumerable shortcuts that allow all employees to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently than ever before.


Once implemented, Resonance’s one-of-a-kind platform and tools instantly helped High Line Nine manage their growing list of clients while storing all relevant data, communication, and billing information just a click away within an intuitive, accessible dashboard. High Line Nine’s customized solution served as an automated file cabinet, an exhaustive master calendar, and a super-smooth communication channel to use internally and with each of their clients. 

Even when elements of Resonance were still evolving to better fit High Line Nine’s parameters, they made it a priority that any customer’s view into the platform was extremely polished. They made external perception a paramount focus throughout the entirety of the process, lending High Line Nine a level of added professionalism and modernity, regardless of whether features were still under construction.

A massive breakthrough was the top-to-bottom streamlining of the entire accounting process. No longer did High Line Nine’s leadership have to spend hours liaising with accounting teams to manage deal follow-through; thanks to Resonance, their entire invoicing and billing system was now digitized and automated, saving valuable time for everyone and removing multiple steps from the customers’ end to secure a booking.

Resonance has also become an integral content management solution (CMS), providing a much-needed storage and management solution for all of their data and assets, both internally and externally. Gone were the days of manually sorting, filing, and managing each item for each client; Resonance now did all of the heavy-lifting instantaneously and in the background. 

Enabling every High Line Nine employee to confidently use Resonance has allowed them to completely streamline every part of their business, from bill collection and notetaking to communication and content management. It has also allowed leadership complete control over permission-based parameters for different groups of users that wasn’t possible beforehand.

Resonance is used every single day to manage a majority of their internal operations and external communications, serving as the new operational nucleus they long lacked. The accounting team at High Line Nine has also had a tremendous workload alleviated, saving each user precious hours every week to focus on the most important task on everyone’s plate: facilitating the dreams of NYC’s greatest artists.

Thanks to Resonance, High Line Nine is able to manage a much greater volume of clients, far more than they were capable of beforehand, and without the need for additional hires.