Top 8 Ways to Improve Venue Ops

Top 8 Ways to Improve Venue Ops

There are lots of venue ops tools out there that make booking venues easier and more efficient, but when you're running multiple venues for a big brand, keeping things streamlined can be tricky, especially when you are managing complexities across disparate systems and locations.

Keeping track of separate tools, solutions, and platforms, along with who should be using what, can be a headache and, more critically, a big time-waster. The last thing you want is for someone to accidentally book the wrong venue, use the incorrect painting, or send an email about an event to the wrong team member or audience. And it's not just about keeping things straight in your own head – if you're running multiple venues or art spaces, then it's important to keep all of your team members on the same page.

Here are 8 tools you can employ when using Resonance to improve venue ops across your entire business:

  1. Hiring Management Software
    Stop spending hours scouring through your pool of talent/candidates. Get access to a single tool that boosts every aspect of your venue ops recruitment process.
  2. Document Generation Solutions
    Don't waste your time photocopying, manually entering data into documents, or rubbing two sticks together to create fire. Get your hands on a document generator now!
  3. Automated Contract Builder
    Save time with a customized tool that automates contract creation, instead of spending hours updating them yourself.
  4. Event Management System
    A tool that will help you organize, track, and manage all of your event details, crew, assets, talent, contracts, and more from one place with a simple and intuitive interface.
  5. Advanced Scheduler System
    If you find yourself dealing with 2-3 booking requests per day, you have come to the right place. With a powerful system for managing your schedule, you will never have to deal with double bookings again.
  6. Communications Center
    With a centralized communication center, you can ensure that your marketing and operations teams are in sync and working efficiently by automating notifications and creating branded email templates.
  7. People Management Solutions
    Shared drives and security permissions are a pain. You need control over the media and data of your company and its employees, so you can manage your teams and projects better.
  8. Data Management Solution
    This solution makes it easier to manage data across multiple locations. Visualize your data and analyze your business on one integrated platform!

1. Hiring Management Software

The hiring management software is a revolutionary tool that solves the way you track and manage job postings, applicants, interviews, auditions, and more across all of your venue ops efforts.

This platform allows you to track all your candidates in one place so you can easily see who's a fit for each position and organize applicants by eligibility. You can gain a bird’s eye view of who has applied to your job posts and easily get in touch with anyone who fits the bill.

A quality solution will integrate across the venue ops toolkit enabling you to keep and manage all critical data as you evaluate talent for a particular event or production.

“Benefits: improves employee/talent acquisition, saves time, improves operational efficiency”

2. Document Generation Solutions

Missed invoices, digging through and sifting across contract templates in random folders (or worse, through paper files in cabinets), and manually developing event programs for internal and external purposes. All of this is a massive time suck and does not have to be part of a venue operations manager's standard operating procedure.

Document generation solutions enable teams across venue ops to effortlessly create invoices in just a few clicks, freely edit or revise any document modules in real-time, and generate branded PDFs instantly. Imagine how much time you'd save if you didn't have to manually enter all your event details into a document one by one!

With a document generator, you can automatically create branded PDFs that contain all the information you need. Whether it's an invoice, event program, or signature page for your website, you'll have everything ready to go in just a couple of minutes.

Benefits: reduces errors and saves time, and improves operational organization & efficiencies

3. Automated Contract Builder

Poor contracts = poor business. Waiting on legal to create or update simple details in a contract can kill deals, especially when there are solutions to help automate these processes.

A Contract Builder is a perfect tool for anyone who needs to create and send professional contracts for venue ops without all the usual, labor-intensive administrative time. With a strong Automated Contract Builder tool, you can:

  • Create new contracts from scratch or import templates from our library containing hundreds of templates for all types of events and venue ops
  • Customize your contract with options like adding photos, editing fonts and colors, changing layout, and more
  • Send your contract for signing directly to clients via email or print it out as a PDF
  • Negotiate changes with clients and edit in real-time until both parties are satisfied with the terms
Benefits: saves time, simplifies complex contract development for the layman, organizes contracting & improves turnaround time and execution from third parties

4.Event Management System

Even if you know you need an event planning system, it’s difficult to know where exactly to start. As your business grows, managing events becomes more and more complicated, and learning a new platform or process to help becomes a taller and taller order. Worst of all, running and managing events on paper can be overly labor intensive for the venue ops team.

That's where an event management system comes in. It's an easy-to-use tool that helps you organize, track, and manage all of your event details, crew, assets, talent, contracts, and more from one place, with a simple and intuitive interface. You'll have access to all the information you need, including guest lists, budget details, ticket sales, and more.

Benefits: save time, improve overall event operational efficiency, bolster internal culture, and ultimately save money in the ever-important budget

5.Advanced Scheduler System

Let's face it: “Calendar Bingo” is an awful game where no one wins. There are many platforms available to help you automate bookings and manage calendars across venue ops and broader organizational teams; however, many of these solutions are disconnected from all of the other channels and this can cause headaches and double bookings.

The Advanced Scheduler System allows you to take scheduling to the next level with custom conflict management and unique calendar views for venue ops.

With the Advanced Scheduler System, you can quickly and easily manage all of your events from one place. This tool allows you to customize your schedule and set up time blocks, which are then shared with team members for approval.

Benefits: reduce double bookings, improve efficiency, save time

6. Communications Center

Quality and consistent communication are key for all relationships. Poor internal communications cause massive breakdowns, from poor employee/talent retention to bad brand equity across audience marketing, to the ever crippling failed messaging to donors and backers.  

Having a centralized communication center is a great way to improve venue ops by providing a place where you can send out important information and messages to both people within your organization and external clients or backers.

A strong Communications Center also allows you to create branded email templates, automate notifications, and chat with people across your organization. You can customize the look and feel of your emails by choosing from a variety of layouts and sending ready-made templates that are perfectly aligned with your business.

You can also set up rules for when automated notifications should be sent out based on specific criteria. For example, if an employee books an event on your calendar, an email notification will be automatically sent out to them sharing all relevant details and instructions about the event.

Benefits: employee/customer satisfaction & retention, operational efficiency, reduces errors, reduces missed deadlines

7. People Management Solutions

Never lose data due to something being deleted by an employee who shouldn’t have access to a folder or object. Quit wrestling with IT over shared permission settings and having projects get delayed due to IT backing up on workloads.

People Management Solutions allow you to assign roles and permissions for your members to better control levels of access and information. Create member profiles and positions, add permissions, and manage user-specific data all from one centralized place.

You can manage the media – like photos, videos, documents, etc. – associated with each member by adding and managing member profiles and easily viewing and toggling the relevant assets associated with them. You also can create a hierarchy of roles and permissions for your members, allowing you to assign different levels of access to different groups within your organization.

Benefits: operational efficiency, organization, saves time, reduces errors

8. Data Management Solution

As a venue manager, you’re already spinning ten plates at once and need as much help as possible managing all of the information coming in from all of their different sources. You need to be able to make educated decisions quickly on past data sets ( attendance, demographic data, social media engagement, and more). You need a solution you can use to easily build valuable reports without calling for a developer!

To help you best do your job, you should be able to:

  • Visualize your data - A Data Management Solution lets you see your venue's activities in real-time and across multiple locations, all from one easy-to-view dashboard. You can then drill down into specific reports and get the information you need for any given situation, venue, or event.
  • Integrate with popular services - A strong Data Management Solution integrates with popular services like Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook, and more, allowing you to connect with guests before they arrive at your venue, or even better - after they leave. It also saves you from having to duplicate your efforts across multiple platforms.
  • Generate documents with a few clicks - A Data Management Solution allows you to generate documents like contracts and receipts with the click of a button. This means you no longer have to worry about printing them out or having them ready when you need them; instead, they can be instantaneously generated for any situation whenever the need arises.
Benefits: improves decision making, saves time, improves efficiency, and simplifies complex processes


As a venue operations manager using different platforms is an inefficient system bound to bog you down with admin and prevent you from focusing on the more important tasks at hand. Resonance is a single-point solution that includes all the capabilities needed in your venue operations management software. With Resonance, you get everything you could need to efficiently operate your venues on one platform. Save money, save time, make the lives of your employees easier, and most importantly make the work of your customers seamless and painless.

Please contact us today to learn more about how Resonance can help your business.